LG U+ Launches Kids Land 2.0 AR Edutainment Service

Sam Hammington (first left) and his son William (second) using AR edutainment services. (Provided by LG Uplus)

LG Uplus is going to introduce ‘U+tv Kids Land 2.0′, which is a Kids platform that applies technologies such as AI and AR. Starting with “U+tv Kids Land,” LG Uplus plans to continue to increase its IPTV subscribers by strengthening TV content, including diversifying content by customer group.

LG Uplus held a press conference in Yongsan, Seoul, in July 31 and announced the U+tv Kids Land2.0. U+tv Kids Landis an infant service platform provided by IPTV. The first version of the program surpassed 1.2 million users and 700 million annual viewers in just one year since its release in June last year. About 37 percent of all U+tv users use the service.

The popularity of U+tv Kids Land led LG Uplus’ IPTV to a 13-month net increase. “The U+tv Kids Land service has contributed significantly to the reduction of the cancellation rate,” said Song Gu-young, executive director of LG Uplus’ home/media division.

The U+tv Kids Land 2.0, which will be released on the 1st, aims for two-way media. The core services include the AR Play platform “Life Experience Learning,” the AI language study “Papago Foreign Language Play,” the “Wungjin Book Club TV” that collaborated with Woongjin Thinkbig, and the parent-only content “parent classroom.” In particular, advanced AR technology has been applied to live experience learning. A case in point is “My Handmade Picture Book,” which allows users to make their own characters in TV fairy tales using illustrations drawn by users. To implement AR contents, LG Uplus applied Rigging technology that recognizes joints in pictures, 2D technology that shapes 3D, and hand recognition technology. LG Uplus plans to introduce more diverse AR contents in the future.

Papago foreign language play is translated into a foreign language through AI, when users speak in Korean. It is the first time that Naver’s AI translation service “Papago” will be unveiled for IPTV and smart TVs. “We are planning to continue to improve voice recognition that is suitable for Naver and Papago Kids modules,” said Lee Kun-young of LG Uplus’ home media products.

In addition, Woongjin Book Club TV will provide a total of 1,000 contents to reflect the Nuri process. In addition, the parents’ classroom will provide some 440 pieces of content produced by themselves.

LG Uplus plans to strengthen its content business by providing contents by a variety of customers, starting with Kids Content. They plan to diversify content that meets customer-specific needs in 2019. In addition, it will expand contents such as sports broadcasting for broadcasting and global dramas by the end of the year.

“U+tv Kids Land2.0 is looking for another ‘quantum jump’ with its new version,” said Director Song.

Source: Digital times (http://www.dt.co.kr/contents.html?article_no=2018073102109931055003)