Alchera Signs Industry-academic Cooperation Agreement with Hankyung University

Hankyung University President Lim Tae-hee signed an agreement on industry-academic cooperation with Alchera to promote R&D and academic exchanges at the Industrial-Academic Cooperation Center on May 1st.

Alchera Inc. has artificial intelligence technology that analyzes people and objects from camera images. Alchera is a professional company that has augmented reality technology that freely adds virtual objects on top of actual objects analyzed through video.

They have also secured skills to identify a person with artificial intelligence technology, to identify facial expressions and properties, and to track the free movement of fingers in real time and to analyze a person’s abnormal behavior recently.

The technologies have been commercialized as augmented reality for Naver Snow Camera app and LG U+ IPTV, and are also used in intelligent security camera and unmanned facility monitoring systems.

Through the agreement, Hankyung University and Alchera Inc. will carry out joint research and development, such as building artificial intelligence security cameras, electronic control and security systems with face recognition technology called alchemy, and industrial and academic cooperation research and commercialization.

“The field of artificial intelligence-based augmented reality is currently appearing in various forms in our society and we will work with Alchera Inc. to develop and commercialize technologies for artificial intelligence-based security systems and self-driving cars,” said Kim Yong-tae, head of the Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group.

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