Following fingerprint and iris, facial recognition technology has emerged as a smartphone authentication method.
The technology has become more sophisticated, but the problem is that other people know about my face as much as I do.
Reporter Shim Woo-seop will explain why this is a problem.

This is Apple’s’iPhone X’, which was recently released.
The first facial recognition feature is definitely eye-catching.[Lee Hana/iPhone X buyers: Because the emoji expression changes due to face recognition
I stopped by to change it to try it out.]

The face was accurately analyzed with a 3D camera to enable financial transactions in the future.[Phil Schiller/Vice President Apple: The probability of unlocking your smartphone with someone else’s face is one in a million.]

Domestic companies such as Samsung are also using facial recognition technology in various electronic devices.
If tens of thousands of points are precisely measured to the height of the face, artificial intelligence improves accuracy through continuous learning.[Kim Jeong-bae/CEO Alchera: Wearing sunglasses or a mustache wearing a disguise is the first time you register
Since the entire face is registered, it is recognized using other parts and continues to learn.]

However, facial information has a fundamental weakness.
Unlike fingerprint, iris, and vein information, the problem is that it is always exposed.
Anyone can collect and abuse other people’s face information at any time and place if they want to.[Lim Jong-in/Professor, Graduate School of Information Security, Korea University: There are so many CCTVs. Without even knowing it,
A lot of facial information is exposed and there is quite a concern that it will be used for anything other than the intended purpose.]

In addition, even if foreign companies such as Apple store customer face information, it cannot be restricted by domestic law yet.
Some point out that it is premature to conduct financial transactions with face recognition in the era of plastic surgery that changes even the facial skeleton.

(Video coverage: Jang Woon-seok, Jeon Gyeong-bae, video editing: Ha Seong-won)
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