Alchera Presents Face Recognition Solution at KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPO 2019

Alchera will present its face recognition technology at the Korea Police World Expo 2019, which will be held on the 74th National Police Day. At the exhibition held in Songdo Convesia, Incheon from 21st to 23rd, visitors who agreed to use facial recognition information will be able to enter the exhibition quickly and conveniently by using the ticketing system presented by Alchera.

Alchera’s face recognition technology ranked first among Korean companies in FRVT (Face Recognition Vendor Test) 2019, which is held every four years by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). In the investigation area, a suspect detection environment, Alchera proved to be superior to NEC, one of the top rank face recognition companies. Especially, in the verification area, Alchera demonstrated its excellence through the Wild image test set, which evaluates the strength of lighting and face angle change, and the Mugshot image test set, which evaluates the strength of age and race change. Alchera’s error rate was twice as lower than the Chinese AI companies Sensetime and Megvii (Face++).

Recently, Alchera’s face recognition technology has been applied to Shinhan Face Pay, the first face recognition payment system in Korea and the third in the world. Also, Alchera is expanding its technology’s application field to Fintech, Smart City, immigration control and video metadata generation and search.

“Starting from this exhibition, we hope Alchera’s AI-based face recognition technology will be used in the security and public sectors to contribute to a safe and convenient society,” said Kangeui Lee who is leading the face recognition technology development.


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