Alchera Inc., which specializes in AI and AR, and TheS, a 3D contents integration solution service provider will participate in AI EXPO KOREA 2019, held at COEX in Seoul from July 17 to 19. They will introduce an AI-based face and behavior recognition technology kiosk, “My Poster.”‘My Poster’ combines a fictional movie character or location with a live video feed, giving users the chance to become the main character from a movie poster. My Poster was introduced at Korea’s largest CGV multiplex to provide customers fresh and new moviegoing experience. The My Poster service was launched in December 2018, and is currently operating at CGV, and will be available at more than 100 cinemas in South Korea and Vietnam by the end of this year. “My Poster has started introducing it to give CGV customers a fresh and new experience, and I hope that the participants in this exhibition will enjoy the diverse skills of Alchera.,” said Jung-bae Kim, co-founder, and CEO of Alchera.Alchera is a company that specializes in AI-based image recognition, augmented reality, and AI-based big data solutions. They have successfully commercialized 3D facial analysis technology that can operate in real-time on edge devices such as smartphones as well as technology that recognizes a person’s face and behavior. Alchera’s AI/AR technology is being applied to major corporations such as SNOW Camera, and the current download number of Snow camera is 300 million. Also, products from large and small companies such as SKT, LG, and KEPCO are applied to Alchera’s products. Alchera’s face and hand recognition technology has been used to LG’s augmented reality IPTV “Kids Land 2.0” and has been in service since July 2018, with 1 million users.